Sunday, August 30

Looking Ahead..!

It's almost a year is completed on Indianaturewatch - one of the leading photography forum of wildlife photographers - posting the photographs from Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR).

How much I am successful in presenting TATR through my lense that I dont know but I can see the boost in wildlife tourism in and around the park.

On such a occassion, I was looking to post a fresh new photograph which I had not in my library. I set my mind to snap such a photograph of tiger which can reflect my walk in the field of wildlife photography. The theme was - I was nothing a year ago and gained some height at this point. But now ahead of me I can see a down and dark of challenges in various fields of wildlife as far as conservation and protection concerns but I will still look and walk ahead despite of all the challenges.

Keeping the same goal in mind, I went to the park alongwith my one of the close friend from Hyderabad, Srivardhan Garlapati. Right from the beginning of our trail we were finding the marks of Big Cat's presence at number of places but we were not able to spot her. At a place nearer to a waterhole, we sighted the pugmarks ended suddenly. Observing the spot carefully, I was confidant of the presence of her highness. Yes.... I proved right. Just after few minutes we were able to spot this female tigress resting in the shade, having some breakfast. After her first sight, we sighted her for almost 3 hours without any disturbance. During all this time, number of times, she gave us very- very close sight of her but in such a manner dat I was not getting the proper angle to snap. Though allowing me to snap properly only 4 shots, she had given me that pose which I was looking for - My Theme Shot....!

I know this is very difficult to believe but its true. I feel this is only the blessings and Love of Tadoba Tigers which they are continuously showering upon me...!

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