Thursday, September 3

Monsoon Magic at Tadoba

Tadoba - The only Tiger Reserve open for Wildlife Tourism even in Monsoon - looks very beautiful in Monsoon. Whole the Beauty of Landscape, wildlife, Birds and all the Predators at its utmost. The sighting ratio of Carnivores like Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs (Dhole), Sloth Bear and all other major manmals alongwith with Birds is very good. I sighted 3 Tigers same day with Yuvraj Gurjar, a renowned wildlife photographer, who again sighted 5 tigers on the next day on 16th & 17th August.

Another benefit is in Monsoon, despite of the fact that Tadoba is the only Tiger Reserve open for Tourism, it lacks of Tourists. So, may be sightings will definitely lesser than summer, if you got any chance to snap wildlife, it will be a great treat as there is not much noise due to less crowd.

Another benefit is of low rates (off-season) at Tadoba. During this period, MTDC resort offers their offseason rates. You can avail the rooms very easily.

Overall, visiting Tadoba and sighting a tiger in Monsoon is definitely a unforgettable feast. Hope this beauty will keep up....

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