Tuesday, September 28

The Reflection of Prosperous Future....

So Many Tourists keep asking me if it is possible to sight a tiger in the wild in "Monsoon" amidst heavy rains..? This photograph is the answer to their queries. What you can see in this image is the pure model of Tigers in Monsoon and beauty of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Amidst heavy rains, Tadoba kept opened for tourism in monsoon. It observed so many tourists very first time in Monsoon. And most important thing is very exceptionally anybody returned without having that magical glimpse of Tadoba Tigers.

Mohurli Cubs literally rocked this Monsoon and gave some amazing shots. To add into the glory, this is the tigress who littered 3 more cubs for the Mohurli area.

So now Mohurli has 7 cubs besides other Male/Female Tigers. This show will bring charm into magical sightings once the Mohurli roads will be opened, which still remained closed due to heavy rains.

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Thursday, January 14

Who is Gentle..?

Rather than writing any narration for the incident shown above, I left it for every individuals own thinking. I think the picture is enough capable to explain the problem in the conservation and protection of big cats.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve deserves to be one of the Best Tiger Habitat across the Nation. This is proved again and again by increasing numbers of Tigers in Tadoba and its periphery despite of so much nuisance and even when surrounded by Opencast Coal Mines.

This park is upcoming as one of the best breeding center for Tigers. Again the number says everything.