Thursday, May 14

The Power of Tadoba Tiger..!

As one can see in this image, this Male Tiger from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve was totally disturbed due to some idiot tourist who believe wildlife is for fun. Such tourists who took accomodation for enjoyment and wildlife tourism as fun, harming the whole process of wildlife tourism, Conservation and Protection very badly. So many time the Cars and Packed vehicles unable to provide tourists proper sighting and thus results into disturbance. One of the tourist in a car literally stepped down to sight the Tiger. In such condition if the Cat attacked any of the vehicle or tourists, and happens anything unwanted, who is responsible for that..? The Tiger..? The Park Management..? or these Idiot Tourists..??? Even when the guide was asking them to keep silent and not to step down from the vehicle, they dont. The Tiger in the above picture was so disturbed that it was in the mood of charging. But, once again, the Cat Proved - It's more gentle and patient than human beings...!


Rao said...

Hi Shalik,

This is ridiculous behaviour from the tourists. I think such people should not be allowed who don't even know how to respect wildlife or rather I suggest pvt vehicles should not be allowed for the safari's.

Saket said...

One thing can be done to stop this
nonsense behaviour of the tourists.
Forest Department should give all the Guides who are sent for every safari right to report such behaviour ["which shows that man is not capable to rank him on top of the eco system"] and arrest them. This was a Leagal way which can be done.... But
From my heart I think that man which do such things should be thorwn before that TIGER, and the cat decide what to do with him.

Prasad Nayak said...

This situation is not the 1st and definately not the last I am hearing or have seen with my own eyes..somehow ppl in India lack knowledge n respect for wildlife and take it to be mere outing or fun.This March when i had been to Bandhavgarh, there was a family who were shouting and cracking jokes on top of their voice..inspite of the guide and ppl around requesting them to maintain silence. And then the tiger came out from the a hurry a young lady from their family dropped her child in front of the tiger(Mirchani male). The distance between the tiger and child was'nt even 1.5m...the tiger was so disturbed by the family shouting for help,the forest guard/guide risking his own life to save the just saw the child n within seconds went back to woods. And yes now would have compelled it to go away from the child.

I of the many situations which illustrates that animals are more caring n smarter than humans.

Welcome to the world of Wild Animals said...

I strongly believe that no private vehicle be allowed inside the Tiger Reserves across the country.Gypsy with guide is the best option to watch wildlife. A very clear and strong message should be conveyed to all tourist about how to behave inside the forest. The guides are very nice but they have limited power to stop such nuisance, so forest department officials have to take note of such incidents.

Aniruddha Choudhury