Tuesday, January 13

The Rare Sight - Civet in Daytime

The most uncommon thing about the sighting of this Common or Asian Palm Civet is the time when it was seen. Generally the Civets are sighted only in the night but I sighted this Common Palm Civet at 10 O'clock in the morning. Even my guide also confirmed that he had also not sighted this animal in daytime in his 10 years of career.

Please Click Here to know more about Common or Asian Palm Civet


Swaram said...

Loved the pics here; esp. the one showing the man and the butterfly. I defintely want to visit Tadoba once. Its too gud to give it a miss!

Swaram said...

Sent ur blog link to my husband and he loved ur blog too. He has infact become the follower of your blogs now. It has made my task easier to convince him for a trip. :)