Monday, May 12

Grey-Headed Fish Eagle

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Shalik Jogwe said...

The Grey-headed Fish Eagle (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus) is a bird of prey. Like all eagles, it is in the family Accipitridae.
Grey-headed Fish Eagle breeds in southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka to south east Asia and the Philippines. It is a forest bird which builds a stick nest in a tree near water and lays two to four eggs.
Grey-headed Fish Eagle is a largish stocky raptor at about 70-75cm in length. Adults have dark brown wings and back, a grey head and reddish brown breast. The lower belly, thighs and tail are white, the latter having a black terminal band.
Sexes are similar, but young birds have a pale buff head, underparts and underwing, all with darker streaking.
Grey-headed Fish Eagle, as its English and scientific names suggest, is a specialist fish eater which hunts over lakes, lagoons and large rivers.
I shoot this Beautiful Bird on November 18th in Tadoba Range. It sat so quietly on a dried tree-branch and let me shoot it as I want. It's too cute.

Adventures ! said...

Amazing snaps..
Hats off.